Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feveret Finger Foods My Anak

Haa ni feveret Rania skrg.. dlm keter kalau tanak dia melalak bagi je senyap.. hihihihi kt umah pun ptg2 kasi dia gigit senyap.. woaa dh pandai makan ini budak.. pandai pula suap gigit sikit2.. mula2 tu risau juga takut tercekik.. tp Alhamdulillah biskut ni cpt cair dlm mulut.. biskut beras epal cinamon.. sedap.. organix product.. go try mommies!

Organic wholegrain rice cakes with apple and cinnamon

We have taken organic wholegrain rice with all the goodness this brings and created a hand sized rice cake for your growing baby to enjoy.

Each rice cake is coated with organic apple juice and a pinch of cinnamon to give your baby a natural fruity taste.

Its' puffed rice texture is firm to hold but gentle enough for your baby's developing gums.

Our easy to hold rice cake helps to encourage self feeding as your baby develops.

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